Porsche 944 Turbo fitted with Chevrolet Corvette 5.7 litre V8

Porsche 944 V8 side view

A rare and unique opportunity to purchase this prize-winning Porsche 944 (951) fitted with an American muscle engine producing 330bhp and increased torque from the start.

This car has been modified to a professional standard with many new, refurbished or special parts during the last 17 years of my ownership.

£19,950 or feel free to make an offer

email to jcmesq@outlook.com

It is a unique vehicle, perhaps not for the purist, that attracts a large amount of positive comments at shows and so interest is likely to be high. It won first prize at two seperate events in 2023.
It is in the Porsche Club GB and the Classic Corvette Club UK and is liked by members of both clubs.

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The restoration and modifications include:

A complete and professionally rebuilt Chevrolet Corvette 5.7 litre V8 LT1 engine. The engine came from a 1995 C4 Corvette and was in working order when purchased. I also have the VIN of the donor car.

The rebuild included new internals, skimmed heads and a rebore. Also a new clutch and flywheel and all the parts necessary to match the engine to the Porsche transmission. Most of the conversion parts were imported from a company called Renegade Hybrids who are well known in USA (Las Vegas) for producing kits to enable the conversion of various Porsche models to Chevrolet V8 power. The engine conversion fitting was done by Pro-9 of Redditch and the engine rebuild by Midland Speedshop of Kidderminster. Mileage since rebuild is 4,000 miles.
The engine has made no difference to the original 50:50 weight distribution and the car still weighs 1374Kg.
The rocker covers are simialr to small block chevy design and are mated to the Corvette heads via adapter plates.

A complete Stainless Steel 3.5″ system mated to block hugger headers and a straight through silencer at the rear all go to produce the desired power output and the most amazing exhaust note you ever heard. The headers have been ceramic coated externally and resin coated internally.

Engine Management
In order to get the best out of the engine the decision was made to scrap the distributor (Optispark) and fit Omex 710 electronic engine management. This made a huge difference in terms of power and torque. The engine mapping was done by Dan Page (Page Motorsport) of Inkberrow.

Also the Radiator is a custom aluminium unit with a large single fan. The water pump, alternator and starter motor were new at the build date.

Power Steering
The power steering rack was completely refurbished and an electro-hydraulic power steering pump fitted in 2023. The 951 rack is a quick rack and most corners can be navigated without moving your hands around the steering wheel.

The car has new Brembo rotors and pads fitted in 2023. When the engine was fitted it was necessary to remove the brake servo. However to ensure adequate braking two servos were fitted in the glove box area; one for the rear and one for the front. The Porsche 944 Turbo originally came with upgraded brakes anyway so no further modification was necessary.

My Porsche 944 Turbo was factory fitted, as standard, with an upgraded transaxle (gearbox and differential combined) at the rear. This includes an LSD (limited slip diff) strengthened gears and an oil cooler. This has worked faultlessly and needed no upgrade. The gear ratios are entirely suitable for the power output of the Chevrolet LT1 engine.

The car originally came with the optional M030 suspension which is a fully adjustable Koni system.
The rear shock absorbers are new and the front ones have been completely refurbished and painted. The car has been lowered by approx 1″ so that the wheels fill the arches for improved handling and aesthetics. The springs and roll bars needed no change.

The body has been completely repaired and any rust cut out and replaced with good metal. There wasn’t much rust but I wanted it to be the best it could be. The body has been completely repainted in Guards Red, the original colour. The bonnet is the only, slightly, modified body part. It had to have a scoop/bulge fitted at the front edge in order to clear the intake manifold. The advantage is that it allows cold air to pass directly into the intake cone filter.
Behind the lower front grille is a fabricated aluminium duct that directs incoming cold air directly into the radiator. Also there are two small ducts that channel air onto the front disc rotors for cooling purposes.

The pop-up headlights had to be removed because the pop-up actuator mechanism clashed with the engine. New headlight buckets have been fitted with separate dipped and main beam lamps. The light from these units is considerably better than the original single Porsche units. There are clear covers and a new pair are currently being manufactured.
The rear lights are standard. The side and front indicators have been changed to clear with orange bulbs.

Wheels and Tyres
The wheels are 17” from a Porsche Boxster and fit without modification. The linkages in the suspension and arms have had a small upgrade to cope with the larger 17″ wheels as recommended by Porsche. Tyres are Toyo Proxes Sport and were fitted in 2023, front 205/50/ZR17 and rear 255/40/ZR17

Both front electric sports style seats have had their leather replaced to the same pattern as the originals but with red top stitching and the PORSCHE logo stitched into the head restraint to match the Guards red exterior. They are extremely comfortable and hold you in as they should. The radio cavity is now fitted with a clock, engine oil temperature and engine coolant temperature gauges. The glove box contains the two brake servos, a tacho signal converter and a connection to the Omex unit. The split rear seats fold down individually as required and there is a new rear luggage cover. All carpets and door cards are good for their age. There is no sag in the roof lining and the sunroof panel lifts out and goes into its storage bag in the boot for the sunny days.

Registration Plate
The private plate POR 948V will be sold with the car and cost over £500 to purchase and fit.



Extras and accessories

The car comes complete with

  • Spare set of silver wheels (from a Porsche Boxster)
  • Passenger’s side wing
  • Various items like AC pumps and alternators
  • Original LT1 rocker covers and some pipes
  • Set of Chevrolet Corvette 1995 manuals
  • Original tool roll (not sure if all tools are original)
  • Personalised number plate
  • Red and gold wheel centres
  • Original roof storage zip bag
  • Original spare wheel, air compressor and jack
  • Porsche Turbo manual
  • Original owner’s manual and wallet
  • Set of Porsche Turbo wiring diagrams
  • Loads of history and information relating to the conversion etc
  • Numerous other parts and information accumulated over the years


Power: 330 hp @ 5,900rpm (30hp more than the donor Corvette)
Torque: 325 Ft-Lbs @ 3,400
Transaxle: 5 speed manual through LSD. Includes strengthened gears and oil cooler

Length: 166.54 in / 4,230 mm
Wheelbase: 94.49 in / 2,400 mm
Width: 68.31 in / 1,735 mm
Track Front: 58.15 in / 1,477 mm
Track Rear: 57.13in / 1,451mm
Weight: 1374kg (132Kg lighter than the Donor Corvette)
Tyre Size Front: 205/50/ZR17
Tyre Size Rear: 255/40/ZR17